December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas and Save the Ring from Sabine

In case you don't know, a deadly combination of government and speculators has resulted in turning what used to be just an epic public road into a bombastic, pointless, on the verge of failure "entertainment" complex, complete with indoor roller coasters built by privates (literally) with public funding given in the misguided name of economic development.

The rest of the story is familiar, prices have gone up for core enthusiasts who have made the place what it is and the complex is half a billion euros in debt.

And to think, all they had to do to make people happy was just make the parking lot bigger and keep fixing that aarmco!

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(H/T Gary Handa!)
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  1. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks to Sabine and all the other Ring Enthusiasts who came up with this.

    It really is ridiculous that people were able to attempt to milk something like the Ring and fail miserably. I agree 100% with you guys.

    If i could, i'd give them the half billion :)

  2. I love Sabine! She is my absolute favorite Woman Driver. not only can she kick butt on the track...but she will talk a bunch of smack right after!

  3. Sabine needs to do this video again in a bikini.


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