October 29, 2010

Memo to Hermann Tilke...

... next time, add jumps!

(photo via David Traver Adolphus)
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  1. I would've expected more on this memo to Tilke, like more fast esses, less squared off corners and 1 mile straights... etc

  2. Seriously. His tracks are just boring now.

  3. Well that is just an awesome image. Seriously, though, what is Herr Tilke doing? So many of these modern non-European tracks are just interchangeable. I think it's a bit much to ask a driver to risk everything, and ultimately his life, on a track that nobody even remembers.

    That said, the new Austin track looks like it has insane elevation changes and some interesting bends, so maybe old Hermann will take note of the universal hatred of his recent tracks.


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