July 19, 2010

Axis Glossary: "Cole Trickle" (v.)

Cole Trickle: (v.) To avoid a crash by the narrowest of margins. Example: "In today's video, Axis Pete takes his chances and successully Cole Trickles his way through the nastiest club racing crash we've seen in a long time."

Bonus Entry:
Pete Trickle: (n.) Mysterious, pot-bellied, little-known cousin of Cole who drives for Axis of Oversteer. Thought to be intimately familiar with Dick Trickle.

So you get the idea.

After the jump: A few more perspectives from Pocono. -Freep

Backwards Cam:

Cockpit Cam:

Plain-Jane Windshield Cam:

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  1. Why the hell would they let you guys use 1/2 the nascar track like that? Pretty crazy to let those type of cars reach very high speeds.

  2. WOW. I was watching the race from pit lane and heard this over the radio, but had no idea it happened right in front of you. Nice driving.

  3. So the car in the middle swerves and hits the car on top which then takes the M3 into the wall? did I get that right?

  4. middle car and right car move into each other, then into the left car. official penalties are in the works.

  5. How did the cars make out? writeoffs?

  6. Wowaweewa...

    Nice job Pete! We still on for tonight?

    -Dick Trickle


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