July 19, 2010

MotoGP blows your mind with new gyroscopic camera mount

Can MotoGP get any cooler? Perhaps you were marvelling at the return of Valentino Rossi, only six weeks after having a bone stick out of his shin, to score a fourth place finish at the Geraman GP this past Sunday. The Doctor came vary close to scoring a podium but for Casey Stoner taking back third on the final corner, still an amazing performance.

Yeah but MotoGP was not done, Dorna Sports, the Spanish marketing company behind the sport, deputed a fantastic new gyroscopically mounted camera on Rossi's bike. In case MotoGP had not sufficiently blown your mind, this new prospective will.

MotoGP, is way ahead of Formula1 not just, because of the nature of the machinery, with on track action, but also in its content delivery systems available: Dorna offers various levels of online access, season to daily passes, in high and low definition, at around $10 per race week end. You can find details HERE

We wonder when Formula1 will wake up.
(thanks to Rick Lopez!)

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  1. The Petronas sponsoring just got a lot more expensive ...

    Rossi: great story, someone ought to do a movie about him :)

  2. VERY cool!! F1....hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean?

  3. Wow. Very cool. And incredible that he's able to race so well when he needs a crutch to walk still...

  4. Yeah F1. Stop trying to copy NASCAR's marketing crap with your stupid rule controversies and he said she said driver drama. Look at this - technology and racing and media - all right in your own backyard! That camera is awesome!

  5. Only Mark Webber needs a gyroscopically stabilized camera. F1 cars usually don't roll very much.

  6. @engineered Exactly what I was thinking - why would you ever need a gyroscopic camera in a car??

  7. No, no, F1 does not need the cameras, it needs the delivery system...

  8. Where can i get one of these cameras?!


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