June 8, 2010

Race in 24

Another huge racing week end coming up with the Grand Prix of Canada and of course the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Le Mans is the only race where the prototype class is even remotely interesting these days with a full field of Peugeots vs Audi vs Lolas but I, like many of you, will be watching the LM GT2 class.

In GT2 it's Ferrari vs Porsche vs BMW vs General Motors. It's Dunlop vs Michelin. It's American teams vs European teams. In other words, it should be a hell of a race.

We will cheer for an underdog, the Hankook Ferrari if anything because, not so long ago, Leh Keen was just another club racer who enthusiastically posted videos on YouTube and internet forums.... come to think of it, he still posts on Rennlist like a regular guy! Keep is fast Leh!

After the jump, a basic category primmer, entry list and spotters guides.


Minimum weight: 900kg for petrol-fuelled cars and 930 kg for diesels
Wing length: 1m60
Maximum engine capacity: 6,000cc for petrol atmospheric engines, 4,000cc for turbo engines and 5,500cc for diesel engines
Maximum disc diameter: 38cm
Tank capacity: 90 litres (81 litres for diesel engines)
Headlamp beam: White
Race numbers: 1-24
LMP1 Category sticker: red

Peugeot (Peugeot 908): Wurz-Gené-Davidson
Peugeot (Peugeot 908): Minassian-Sarrazin-Montagny
Peugeot (Peugeot 908): Bourdais-Lamy-Pagenaud
Oreca (Peugeot 908): Panis-Lapierre-Duval
Beechdean (Ginetta-Zytek): Mansell-Mansell-Mansell
Oreca (Oreca-AIM) - Ayari-Andre-Meyrick
Audi Joest (Audi R15) - Kristensen-Capello-McNish
Audi Joest (Audi R15) - Lotterer-Fassler-Treluyer
Audi North America (Audi R15) - Rockenfeller-Bernhard-Dumas
Drayson (Lola-Judd Coupé) - Drayson-Cocker-Pirro
Rebellion (Lola-Judd Coupé) - Prost-Jani-Andretti
Rebellion (Lola-Judd Coupé) - Belicchi-Boullion-Smith
Kolles (Audi R10) - Albers-Tucker-Rodrigues
Kolles (Audi R10) - Bakkerud-Jarvis-Bouchut
Autocon (Lola-AER) - Lewis-Willmann-Burgess
Aston Martin (Lola Aston Martin) - Primat-Mucke-Fernandez
Aston Martin (Lola Aston Martin) - Turner-Barazi-Hancock
Signature (Lola Aston Martin) - Ragues-Ickx-Mailleux


Minimum weight: 825kg
Wing length: 1m60
Maximum engine capacity: 3,400ccs and a maximum of 8 cylinders for atmospheric engines or 2,000ccs with a single turbo and a maximum of 6 cylinders for turbo engines
Maximum disc diameter: 38cm
Tank capacity: 80 litres
Headlamp beam: White
Race numbers: 25-49
LMP2 category sticker: blue

OAK (Pescarolo-Judd) - Nicolet-Hein-Yvon
OAK (Pescarolo-Judd) - Lahaye-Moreau-Charouz
RML (Lola-HPD Coupé) - Newton-Erdos-Wallace
Highcroft (Acura-HPD) - Brabham-M.Franchitti-Werner
Racing Box (Lola-Judd Coupé) - Pirri-Cioci-Perazzini
Welter (WR-Zytek) - Salini-Salini-Gommendy
Pegasus (Norma-Judd) - Schell-Da Rocha-Zollinger
KSM (Lola-Judd) - De Pourtales-Noda-Kennard
ASM (Ginetta-Zytek) - Amaral-Pla-Hughes
Bruichladdich (Ginetta-Zytek) - Ojjeh-Greaves-Chalandon
Strakka (Acura-HPD) - Leventis-Watts-Kane


Minimum weight: 560 bhp with a minimum weight of 1,200kg or 600 bhp with a minimum weight of 1,250kg
Maximum width: 210cm
Maximum engine capacity: 8,000ccs for atmospheric engines, 4,000cc for turbocharged engines
Carbon brakes authorised
Tank capacity: 90 litres
Maximum 6 speed gearbox
Headlamp beam: Yellow
Race numbers: 50-74
LM GT1 category sticker: green

Larbre (Saleen S7R) - Berville-Canal-Gardel
Young Driver AMR (Aston Martin DBR9) - Nygaard-Enge-Kox
Matech (Ford GT) - Mutsch-Grosjean-Hirschi
Matech (Ford GT) - Gachnang-Frey-Allemann
Jloc (Lambo Murcielago) - Yogo-Yamanishi-Iiri
VDS (Ford GT) - De Doncker-Leinders-Palttala
Alphand (Corvette C6R) - Gregoire-Policand-Hart
Alphand (Corvette C6R) - Jousse-Maassen-Goueslard


Minimum weight: 1,145kg
Maximum width: 200cm
Maximum engine capacity identical to the LM GT1 category
Carbon brakes forbidden (exclusively iron based)
Tank capacity: 90 litres
Maximum 6 speed gearbox
Headlight beam: Yellow
Race numbers: 75-99
LM GT2 category stickers: Orange

Corvette (Corvette C6 ZR1) - Magnussen-O’Connell-A.Garcia
Corvette (Corvette C6 ZR1) - Gavin-Beretta-Collard
Prospeed (Porsche 997) - Van Splunteren-Hommerson-Machiels
Imsa (Porsche 997) - Narac-Pilet-Long
Felbermayr (Porsche 997) - Lieb-Lietz-Henzler
Felbermayr (Porsche 997) - Felbermayr-Felbermayr-Konopka
BMW (BMW M3) - J.Muller-Farfus-Alzen
BMW (BMW M3) - Priaulx-D.Muller-D.Werner
Flying Lizard (Porsche 997) - Neiman-Law-Bergmeister
Jaguar (Jaguar XKRS) - Gentilozzi-Dalziel-Goossens
Risi (Ferrari 430) - Melo-Bruni-Kaffer
Risi (Ferrari 430) - Krohn-Jonsson-Van de Poele
Spyker (Spyker C8) - Coronel-Dumbreck-Bleekemolen
Farnbacher (Ferrari 430) - Farnbacher-Simonsen-Keen
JMW (Aston Martin Vantage) - Bell-Sugden-Miller
AF Corse (Ferrari 430) - Fisichella-Alesi-Vilander
AF Corse (Ferrari 430) - Companc-Russo-Salo
Scuderia Italia (Porsche 997) - Holzer-Westbrook-Scheider

2010 LeMans Spotters guide2010 LeMans Spotters guide

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  1. Go Leh and Dominik!!
    Ironic that iconic Porsche guys are racing a F430 and one of the German-All-Stars porsche teams is named Scuderia Italia!! LOL

    Why didn't BMW field any of the American drivers in their cars? At least 1 or 2 deserves to be be there. Shame on intercontinental corporate politics!

  2. If I'm honest, I'm cheering for the Jag RSR team. Especially after the terrible result they had at Sebring. And the livery looks so good...

    What I love about GT2 is the unpredictability... I'm trying to pick who I think will win, and I have no idea. Awesome.

  3. not sure if this was the source for those GT1 & GT2 category specs.

    looks like GT2 hp is between 450hp - 500hp due to less modifications. Otherwise, GT2 would be faster due to less weight.

  4. Actually the most glering difference between gt1 and gt2 is that carbon brakes are forbidden in GT2...


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