June 9, 2010

Ferrari searching for the next Lewis?

Or is it the next Gilles? Maybe there is more to it than that.

Ferrari, on the same day it announced a two year contract extension for Felipe Massa, announced an "option" on 11 year old Canadian Lance Stroll. Lance has done very well for himself in karting and will be entering Ferrari's new driver development program, the "Ferrari Academy".

Stroll is the son of Lawrence Stroll, the Montreal fashion industry mogul behind Tommy Hilfiger, collector of rare Ferraris including a 250GTO, a 330 P4 and an FXX, gentleman racer, owner of the Circuit Mont Tremblant and friend of Michael Schumacher, who has advised on young Lance's career path. Tommy Hilfiger was a Ferrari sponsor from 1998 to 2001.

Finding talent at a young age is key, finding fully funded and connected talent, genius!

(Ferrari.com, vroom.it)

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