April 8, 2010

599 GTO: Hmmmm, Donuts!

Among many other performance goodies, the Ferrari 599 GTO will get a version of the 599XX "wheel donut" aerodynamic fairing on the outside of the brake disk, derived from the now banned F1 wheel fairing pioneered by Ferrari 2009. Banned from F1 maybe but the aftermarket "stunner" market will will be jumping for joy at the opportunity to pass off brake dust shields as "performance" components!

The aero work on the GTO is impressive, but it's probably the electronics that have made the most progress. Interesting that they would use data graphs showing Nürburgring corners rather than Fiorano. That's a change for Ferrari.

A note on the videos, the Italian to English translation is, to say the least, clunky. When they refer to the GTO being the maximum expression of Ferrari's "sportsmanship", what they mean is "sportiness" or "performance". When they refer to "muffling" they really mean "damping" and so on and so forth. But you'll get the idea.

More after the jump. Don't forget to try out the GTO configurator on Ferrari.com

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  1. Call me an elitist, but I can't help but think this thing really isn't worthy of the GTO badge. I mean, what is it omologato-ed for?


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