January 18, 2010

It looks like Darth Vader's Bathroom

I had to laugh, a German car show, "Grip", compared ten extreme road cars, you know you got your Enzo, your Veyron, your Gumpert, the weakest of these cars has 500hp. The winner? A viking TransAm with 1400HP, claiming to be the most powerful road legal car in the world and good for 256mph (412km/h).

The Turbo Kitt apparently cannot be driven more than a few miles without shredding its tires, now you know why the Veyron's tires cost $34000 a set. This TransAm had made the rounds on the internet a year or two ago but amazingly, Mr. Polly has managed to keep it alive, possibly by only driving it to David Hasselhoff conventions where he must recite these immortal lines:

Michael: What do you say we play a little 'hooky'?
KITT: 'Hooky?' I'm not familiar with that term.
Michael: Then allow me to educate you in one of life's finer pleasures!
KITT: Oh, that does feel good!
Michael : How 'bout a little turbo boost?
KITT: Dare we? Without sufficient reason?
Michael: Without sufficient reason' is the definition of hooky! Shall we, as they say, 'go for it?
KITT: Let's!

The clips are, of course, in german but you'll figure it out. (More after the jump)

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