December 13, 2009

Traqmate goes HD

With HD cameras now relatively inexpensive, the days of interlaced 4x3 video are numbered. Traqmate is offering a new interface for automatic synchronization of LANC capable cam-corders, providing the same level of convenience now available when using a Chase Cam recorder.
Below is the press release and after the jump an example of a video in HD (downscaled to 1280x720) with the familiar Traqmate dials, check it out full screen.

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Traqmate Announces HD Video at PRI

Traqmate is looking forward to another successful PRI show in Orlando this year, December 10th through 12th. The Traqmate booth number is lucky 1313.
We have a new HD product offering, that combined with our present data acquisition technology, provides completely synchronized high quality data and video recording for those interested in preserving the ultimate record of their driving experience. The result is simply stunning video. Come by to see our HD video in action.

click image for hi-res actual screenshot

Here are the Details:
Synchronization is accomplished via a new TraqData LANC device that will plug into any camcorder with a LANC or Ctl-L interface which includes almost all Sony camcorders. We recommend the new HD units that record on solid-state MemoryStick Pro Flash media because they are vibration resistant and can be played back immediately with a card reader. TraqData LANC also provides 4 Analog, 2 Digital, and one RPM inputs.

Camera units tested include Sony HDR-TG1 and Sony HDR-CX100, both of which are full 1080 resolution, quite small, and commercially available for under $600. The Sony line ranges from $350 to over $1000 depending on quality and features and have 12V DC adapters for in-car use and LCD screens for aiming.

In February 2010, Traqmate will be offering TraqCam HD packages including everything required for true HD video playback. To play back in 1080 fullscreen, a reasonably powerful computer will be required. Minimum requirements will be published at release but a typical machine for Full HD would be:
Intel Core 2 Duo P7200 2.10GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, GB DDR3 Memory, 250GB Hard disk
Laptops with these minimum specs are available in the $600 – $900 range. Lower resolution 720P and 1080 in a less-than-fullscreen window require less horsepower.
For rugged applications or where a bullet cam is preferable, Traqmate will continue to sell and support the ChaseCam line of standard definition cameras and recorders with our TraqSync and TraqData II interface modules.

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