December 17, 2009

Parking Nightmare...

Supposedly the handy work of a Saint Louis Hyatt Hotel parking attendant who obviously watched too much Tokyo Drift...

Knowing he is going to get royally reamed makes it possible to appreciate the guy has some skills: he did not actually hit any columns (at least on video) which puts him a step above the attendants at my previous NYC garage!

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ST. LOUIS, MO ( - The video is being called appalling and unreal. It shows a valet at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown St. Louis doing donuts, peeling out, burning out, revving engines and spinning tires in expensive cars, without the owners ever knowing it. Kyle O'Brien didn't know anything had happened to his 2004 Dodge until he saw his car being abused on FOX 2 Tuesday night, "I'm not freaking out about it, but it isn't that funny," says OBrien. "I would just think a valet service at a nice hotel would have to have more responsibility."

Someone calling himself "valet underground" posted dozens of videos on YouTube, showing fancy cars being driven to the extreme in a parking garage about six months to a year ago.

The general manager of the Hyatt hotel downtown, formerly the Adams Mark, which sits in the shadow of the Gateway Arch, confirms it happened in his garage. Tire marks are still visible on the pavement. He says the Hyatt fired this valet company, which has been identified as AAA Valet, from Atlanta, Gerogia, before he even knew of the video. He says the hotel replaced them with a St. Louis based valet company, and once he saw the video, he called AAA Valet to alert them to their employees' conduct.

FOX 2 left messages for AAA Valet at the home office in Atlanta, but it was after regular business hours and no one returned the call.

O'Brien says he stayed at the Hyatt for one night about eight months ago. He says when the valet brought him his car, he asked him if it was for sale. O'Brien says he also thought it was strange when the valet commented on the nice tires he had. Then when he got in the car to drive away, he noticed there was a problem, "It drove really funny," O'Brien recalls. "I had to replace the spark plugs and the distributor when I got home because they were not working any more."

He says he was not suspicious that the valet had taken it on a joy ride. "No, it's nothing I would ever consider at all," he says.

Tuesday night, the videos showing the parking garage antics were removed from YouTube.


  1. Lol.. Think he has edited the part when he crash :P Nice handbreak drifting.. :P

  2. why am I thinking of the Dough and Edgar? :0)

  3. If only I recorded the shenanigans we pulled in the parking lot at Caffe on the Green in Queens where I was a valet in High School. John the greek and I used to get in the car and ask each other... "is that car front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive?" and proceed to smoke the tires. John was fired when he got caught power brake-ing a then new e36 M3 convertible in front of its owner.. he was a bit upset. Remember to always park your own car if you care about it... :)

  4. Do we reckon this is real. Looks pretty skilful at times...

  5. If I caught someone doing this to my car, I'd quickly be looking for a place to stash a dead body.

    Guess I'll be looking at the parking facilities I use for burnt rubber from now on.


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