December 5, 2009

Ferrari 458 Five Minutes at Fiorano.

Five minutes around Fiorano with Ferrari's legendary test driver Dario Benuzzi.

Interesting about the 458 is Ferrari's claim, confirmed by all the reviews I've read so far, that the car achieves its maximum performance with the the driver aids on, albeit on their most "aggressive" settings. On this "RACE" setting, the traction control, more than a "nanny", is a performance aid along the lines of what was used in F1 a few years ago. Probably involves more than an adjustment, a leap of faith: just stay flat in corners where you would normally would run partial throttle ( Imagine the esses at VIR...) and let the car sort it out!

Of course Ferrari saw fit to allow the driver the choice to go slower, or to try and prove them wrong, by turning off separately, traction and stability controls. Rubber will be burned!



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  1. Do want. Ferrari is very smart by taking this initiative to explore various, switchable configurations of existing stability software.



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