December 4, 2009

Kimi 's Kool as Ever

How many other F1 drivers would happily go to a Jr. team ? And the pairing of Red Bull and Raikkonen seems perfect. I hope he wins in the WRC and maybe he'll do the 24hr du Mans next (...ok that may requirre an extra dose of ice cream or two!)

Great news about Sauber too!...

(still on the road)

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  1. AC, I think it's only a junior team, but still the main WRC.

  2. Get off his nuts just because he drove for your beloved Ferrari. Kimi is a doucher and is rightfully out of F1 for good now.
    Being a good driver hasn't been enough in the top flight for a long time, you have to be an engineering assistant in the development- a willing participant in the evolution of the cars performance which Kimi feels is beneath him.
    Good riddance.

  3. Nice to see he got the drive. I am very excited now for the WRC next season. It seems like the whole sport is getting shaken up.

    I think many people forget that Kimi was a world champion. He may have become disillusioned with the sport recently, but honestly who could blame him? A quick check on autosport or planet-f1 reveals something like one out of five headlines to be some political swill caused by the FIA and their various cronies littered throughout their organization.

    As for helping out with the development of the car - I'm not all that sure its vital. I seem to recall the speed announcers when Rosberg first signed. The announcers mentioned that Rosberg was the only driver on the grid with a mechanical engineering degree (or in the process of obtaining one) and how he scored one of the highest scores on an engineering proficiency exam williams gives to every one of its drivers. It would seem logical to assume he would be one of the best drivers for development of the car, yet judging from the results of williams this past season, it is obvious that even an engineer behind the wheel (and a highly underrated driver at that) couldn't improve the car. I guess what I'm saying is maybe the driver doesn't perform as critical a role in the development of a car.

  4. Good for Kimi. He was hands down the fastest driver F1 has seen for a long time. I would bet on him in equal cars vs. Hamilton, Alonso, and maybe Schumi (pity we never got to see it). Sure his car development may lack, but he is no "doucher". The only results I hope come from Ferrari picking up Alonso are the same kind of fireworks we saw in 2007 at McLaren.

  5. I'm guessing many in on the F1 grid wish they were in a position to just say "F-it, I'm going to do what I want"

  6. I haven't followed F1 for 30 years to watch a driver tell an engineer which direction to turn a wrench . . . I am addicted to F1 because I'm captivated by the driving.

    Raikkonen's fearless confidence in the car has made him one of the most sensational drivers since Ronnie Peterson.

  7. @Jim I totally agree. Drivers used to do this all the time. Vic Elford comes to mind right off the bat, he did Rally, Endurance and F1.

  8. Raikkonen was the only interesting & cool driver on the grid, everyone else is pretty much a poser.


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