November 6, 2009

Motorsport Z4.

The Motorsport version of the Z4 is one of my favorite race cars, it's a shame that platform has never quite taken off for whatever reason as a racer in the US (well, maybe the 225000 Euro price tag for the factory made car was an issue). In Germany's VLN though they are pretty common so let's ride shotgun with Christoph Koslowski at the Nürburgring. Definitively on my list of cars I would love to drive some day!

Look at that e90 go!... that is some heroic stuff, who needs wings when you have power and balls!
In this one we are riding with Johannes Stuck..

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  1. awesome vid, lame music editing, don't these ppl understand we want to hear ONLY the racing action and don't need to have electro-pop making things "exiting"...

  2. E90 or E92? Either way, I want one! Is that a 335? Amazing how it held on the way up to the Karussell...and everywhere else.

  3. Looks like an E92 M3. That video just sold me on that car, very impressive driving.


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