November 7, 2009

Super Slo-Mo is the new Rs Orange

We've featured super slo motion clips for quite a while, it's fun to see that they have become so popular that they are now part of the language, so to speak. The best moments of this BMW clip are that smoking rear wheel and the bug flying up in front of the rushing M3 GTS. Both moments you will recognize from past clips, the first a Mclaren rear wheel and the second from this year's Isle of Man TT highlights.

Speaking of the M3 GTS with all the articles written about it, not one that I have seen seemed to focus on what might be the main reason BMW went ahead with this project. Sure it's painted RS Orange (or maybe it's Inka Orange) with black accents, a traditional GT3 RS combo (curiously not offered in this latest version of the RS) and it's no coincidence it's called a GTS rather than the more traditional CSL. Sure it's a great halo car but the most important feature must surely be the homologation of a 4.4 liter engine for use in competition. Displacement makes torque, even with restrictors...

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  1. Damn, but Top Gear has a lot to answer for. You never saw these types of shots until Top Gear started with the new instance of the show (With the White Stig). Since then, everyone is in on the act, and stunning video's like this have been produced.

  2. vid is cool but did you guys notice the shot of the smoking outside wheel? its at 2:45

    a proper diff should be smoking the outside wheel, e.g. see intro montage of fifth gear with tiff sliding the F430

  3. oops meant to say, smoking *inside* wheel at 2:45

    this is pretty dissapointing from a performance perspective


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