September 29, 2009

It's hard work but someone has to do it

It's hard work filming those beautifully photographed segments on Top Gear and finding good locations must not be easy. Capt. Slow, Hamster and the skinny guy with the big belly are filming for the upcoming season in Romania, where helicopters come at a discount and ridiculously awesome ribbons of road like this one can be at your disposal.

BTW, which car would you pick?

(YT tip Debi)
More clips after the jump.


  1. "BTW, which car would you pick?"

    1] Aston
    2] Ferrari
    3] one of the above again...

  2. I think the Lambo is probably the fastest, but so what, they are convertibles. The Ferrari and the Aston make more sense.

  3. 1] Aston
    2] Aston
    3] Aston


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