September 28, 2009

That's not a close call, THIS is a close call....

How does this happen? You are racing along and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a car comes at you going in the opposite direction in reverse...A true WTF? moment.

Check out how this, one of the most amazing close calls of all time, went down after the jump!

Amazing. Cameron McConville's Holden Commodore had a brake line severed in the first shunt with Steve Owen. Amazingly there is no barrier at the end of the gravel trap, just a straight shot out to the racing circuit as it folds around.

Sure enough the car just sails over the gravel trap, onto the grass, across the tarmac and finally comes to rest on the far side, narrowly missing a terrifying crash with David Besnard's car. I'm sure both Mr Besnard and Mr. McConville needed a change of undies after that one. Philip Island circuit safety designer instead could use a spanking!.


  1. I think the designer envisioned the track's future use in NASCAR races - once turns are incorporated into the "racing." Everyone knows, people only watch NASCAR for the wrecks!

  2. The perfect dodge: he brakes keeping his line and only steers when sure about the trajectories. Great manoeuvre!

  3. Not exactly the same but similar WTF moment seen last weekend at Pacific Raceways near Seattle...

  4. reminds me of the "viper attack" video. (search youtube)

  5. @York+Matthew: yeah except in this one, the car was coming across the track in the opposite direction! I think the in car was doing about 120 when he first spots the clowd.
    I'm surprised a famous track like Philip Island would have overlooked such a possibility. I guess nobody imagined a car could just sail over a huge gravel trap like that.

  6. Phillip Island is also on the MotoGP calender, those guys aren't particalary fond of concrete or steel barriers....


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