August 24, 2009

Valencia Wrap.

Rather than the usual summary, I though readers might find the BBC's post race show interesting for a change.

I will refrain from commenting on Luca Badoer's performance, it would be like shooting on the Red Cross, suffice it it to say that I never thought I would see a race driver willingly give up a position while still in pit lane...

The race, amid the picturesque Valencia shipping container facility, was much less exciting than reports would have you believe especially as we were robbed of a potential exciting finish when Mclaren threw away Hamilton's first place with a botched pit stop. Mclaren are, bizarrely, spinning it as if the mistake did not make any difference. I don't think anyone is buying their story and many must be scratching their heads as to why they would prefer claiming they were slow rather than mistaken... a clause in Hamilton's contract?

Call me cynical but I had to laugh when I heard Berrichello's race engineer, Jock Clear, say that "winning in a top car like Ferrari is one thing but in Brawn..." and calling him "..a class act". All I can think about is Rubens' hissy fit after the German GP...

As usual I welcome your comments.



  1. Rubins is an ass. My predication is he's going to cause Jenson to lose the title and he'll be off to NASCAR.

    Slightly off topic, but how is it that Fernando didn't get a penalty for completely missing the chicane (0:28 in the video)?

  2. First of all, I'm a big fan of the Axis. I just don't get what's with all the biased commentary against Barrichello in this blog? He is an ass for winning the race? He talks too much? Complains too much? He only apologized about the German overreaction a million times already... BUT WHO GIVES? It should be all about his driving that was pretty much flawless this weekend. Well deserving win, hope to see Massa back soon...

  3. Because it's Spain? No, just kidding, he did not gain a position so I guess he can always claim it was that or crash and that he gained no advantage in this case.

  4. I just don't want Jenson to win the series, that would be so lame. Too bad that Vettel is out.

  5. yeah, vettel with only two good engines for 6 races...that's rough.

  6. @anonymous Barrichello just has crossed the lifetime whining threshold when he claimed he wuz robbed, robbed I tell you , at Ferrari. When he was hired at Ferrari he was clearly a second tier driver and insead of thanking Schumacher for all the things he learned , he criaed and called him a fag.... Now he's in by far the best car and he won one race, helped by the Mclaren crew and already he's world champion? nah, Sorry Rubiño, I used to be a fan, but I don't like those who play the victim card too often. Hell, evn Hamilton learned that you don't hit your team when things don't go your way.

  7. !. I'm pulling for Webber - I think he has an outside chance if RB keeps some pace up as Button begins to lose his. However, Barrichello was a disappointing winner. I don't know why the announcers(was it Peter Windsor or Steve Marchett?) were hyping up Barrichello so much as if it was impressive that won after how many years of trying to hang in there?

  8. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to find in Brazil (São Paolo) during a recent business trip that when I asked people what they thought of Rubens, their unanimous (and instant) response was "we can't stand that cry-baby!". ;-)


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