August 23, 2009

Gigantic man infiltrates F1 paddock...

... attempts to intimidate small man for wearing the same color shirt.



  1. Maybe no pull ups. But as the season goes on I think the BBC are doing a fairly decent job of F1. Not perfect yet, and Ej does keep saying dumb things from time to time. But considering Humphries was a CBBC (Kids for our foreign friends) presenter you wouldn't know it.

  2. I hate commercial breaks. And the pre-race show always featured some big figures. Plus the pit news during race by Ted Kravitz and interviews by Lee McKenzie. BBC is my top choice. Although I can't watch it live on its website, my proxy server sucks...

  3. yeah, I always try to find a copy to look at, though for my money, SKY Italia does an even better job.


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