August 24, 2009

What is Rally?

Frankly, after the last few seasons, it does need to be spelled out. In any case, here are some pretty pictures direct from the WRC...

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Just Amazing!! Best 4 wheel motorsport on TV by a mile!
    Wish I could try it, at least at the amateur level, but it seems you need:

    - Unlimited budget to replace 20-35% of the car every event + write-off at least one car per season (IMO a big shunt in 10 events is unavoidable)

    - A suicidal friend (remember no paycheck) to act as co-driver

    - An extremely supportive and understanding wife (+a Life insurance company with a blind eye)

  2. Nah, amateur rally isn't that expensive, assuming you adjust your viewpoint and realize you're not the next Colin McRae. To wit:

    $3500-6000 (US) should get you a low-end rally car that's already prepped (think VW Golf, Saab 99/900, Volvo 240, etc). You should start at the bottom anyway, and a 2WD car that has no power will teach you how to maintain speed through the corners, which will be a huge help when you buy a faster car.

    You probably already have one suicidal friend (I can think of 4 that I have without stretching my imagination). Besides, until you have a detour into the scenary, he won't know he's being suicidal.

    I can't help you with the supportive and understanding wife, except to say that if your life insurance is large enough that might help.

    Beyond that, you just have to learn your limits and don't lose your head while driving. While I did, in fact, write off a car per season (actually, the same car twice - we were able to repair it the first time, so not technically written off), I was young (19-20 at the time). My father has been running his Sentra SE-R for many years without a major incident (knock on wood).

  3. Fantastic vid, thanks for posting!


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