July 14, 2009

Is that any way to treat your grandmother?

Call it the Patrese effect, SEAT had their WTCC driver Jordi Gene take his grandmother for a quick ride....

Check out some Leon Supercopa action after the jump.


  1. he could at least have gotten his Gran a helmet that fitted! :)

  2. or fit the belts correctly for that matter...

  3. hahahahahahahaha i havent laughed that much in quite a while... she sounds just like my grandmother (spanish is my first language obviously)

  4. She starts by saying "slowly, huh?". Then the ride starts and she continues by screaming "Slowly!" then "Stop!" and then "I can't..." She continues with "stop!" and at the end she's poiting and screaming "A turn!, A turn!".

    To make it worse, at the end the evil grandson asks "You wanted more, huh? You were saying "quicker, quicker, right?".

    I was doubting this was real (probably a marketing gimmick) but she kept saying "Jordi", and you don't say names you aren't familiar with when you think you are on the verge of dying...

    ... and now we are all going to hell for not respecting the elder. ;-)


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