May 17, 2009

Riley Track Day Car

Let's say a Radical is a bit too common for you but you are not feeling the Ferrari FXX or 599XX programs. Perhaps you are a Daytona prototype fan or maybe you just want something even rarer than a Zonda R... Maybe you need to head not to Maranello or Stuttgart but to Mooresville North Carolina and see Bill Riley for some 650hp, sequential shifting, carbon fiber goodness.

Pictures and more info after the jump.

photos Collaging-Kristen

To provide the potential series and recreational racer with a fast, safe, and reliable car, capable of
performing close to the same level as today’s most advanced purebred sportscars.

Standard Features
• Lightweight Composite Body Panels
• Motec M820 ECU (Programmed with No-Lift Shift and Traction Control)
• Adjustable rear wing to balance the downforce of the nose
• Cockpit Adjustable Front Roll Bar
• Adjustable Ride-Height
• Dual Dry-Break Style Fuel Receptacle
• Simplicity in Design
• Ergonomic Cockpit Layout
• Forced Air Driver Cooling
• Electric Power Adjustable Mirrors

Length/Width 177.3 inches (4503mm) / 78.6 inches (1997mm)
Height 43.7 inches (1110mm)
Wheelbase 112.0 inches (2845mm)
Front /Rear Overhangs 36.2 inches (921mm) / 29.0 inches (737mm)
Engine GM Aluminum 6.2L LS3 V-8 (CRD Tuned to ≈ 500HP)
Chassis Steel Chassis, Replaceable Steel Safety Structures
Body Composite Bodywork
Cockpit FIA© Spec Seat (Driver Adjustable)
Steering Rack and Pinion with Hydraulic Power Assist

Gearbox 6-Speed EMCO© Sequential Dog Ring Transaxle
Suspension Front Double Wishbone, 5-Link Rear
Shocks Adjustable with Coil-Over Springs
Brakes 6-Piston Front and 4-Piston Rear Calipers, adjustable brake bias
Iron Rotors, 14” Front / 13” Rear
Wheels Front 18”x12.5”, Rear 18”x13.0”, 5/Lug
Tires Michelin
Fuel Capacity 24 Gallons / 91 Liters
Exhaust Stainless Steel with Mufflers
Data Complete AIM© Data System with Digital Display

• Emphasis on low maintenance
• Prepwork and repairs can be performed by local prep shops
• A full range of spare parts will be readily available and stocked at the Mooresville, NC factory.

The Riley MkXXII comes completely assembled, aligned, leak checked, and ready to run from Riley
Technologies. An engineer and assembly technician from Riley Technologies can be made available for the initial track

$196,000 (USD) Standard Build. Car delivered on new tires.

Terms and Delivery
Three payments. The first payment is 50% and secures the delivery date. The second payment of 25% is due halfway
through the build. The third payment of 25% is due two weeks before delivery.

In addition to the options listed below, Riley Technologies is willing to discuss any requested options made by
its customers.

• CRD Tuned GM 6.2L V8 (600HP)
• 5.8L Dinan Tuned BMW V10 (650 HP)
• Paddle Shift
• Bodywork can be painted to customer’s specification before delivery (may delay delivery if this option is
chosen after initial order is processed and delivery date is established)
• FIA© Spec Passenger Seat
• Center-Lock Wheels
• Air Jack System
• Cockpit Air Conditioning
• F.A.S.T Driver Cool Suit System
• Electric Driver Drink System
• Windshield Wiper System
• Headlights w/Turn Signals
• Custom fitted bodywork bags and car cover
• Up-front spares package eligible for 10% discount, if paid in full prior to car delivery

Bill Riley
170 Overhill Dr.
Mooresville, NC 28117
704.663.6319 ext 302

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