May 17, 2009

Hello, I'm Michael and I'll be your chauffeur today...

You know how sometimes you see online contests but you don't fill the application because you figure you'll never win anyway?

That's what almost happened to the author of a very nice F1 blog out of Hong Kong called F1 Wolf. He entered a Bacardi online contest and promptly forgot all about it. You can read all about how Bacardi flew him an 29 others to the amazing Ascari race resort in southern Spain for a track date with Michael Schumacher, it's a great story with great pictures, don't miss it: F1Wolf's date with Schumacher

Ascari kindly provided him with a video of his two laps next to the cufflink wearing seven time world champion in a Maserati GT. Even at 8/10ths or less Schumacher, with his ultra smooth style, certainly flatters the big Maserati, I would love to see him tap the disappointed Jeremy Clarkson on the shoulder and say "Hello...may I drive this for you?"


And here is the rest of it.


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