May 16, 2009

Postcard from Utah

Both ALMS and Formula BMW are racing this week end at Miller Motorsport Park with the ALMS race shown on tape delay on Sunday evening at 10PM EDT on Speed.

ALMS Provisional Grid
Formula BMW results

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Is it just my signal, or did the audio go bad about 20 minutes ago?
    I bet this didn't happen during nascar.

  2. watching the race now, BMW sure made themselves visible from the start all the way to turn one! :o)
    that was a true JustGoHome moment!

  3. I was crewing at this race. Fantastic weather all weekend and some great racing action of all sorts (open wheel to diesels). I'm still impressed by the Ferrari's save right after start.

  4. Shame so little gets shown on TV what with SPEED TV being so busy with Pinks and Pimp My Ride...

    That was a good save by the Ferrari, feel sorry for the poor guy who had to write the BMW press releases though!


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