May 15, 2009

Max Mosley is a formidable old goat....

If you have any doubts just look at this interview, more of a declaration really, with the BBC.

Mosley strikes some sour populist tones (all their money comes from your taxes...) but delivers his threats with the same cool unflappable style that allowed him to sip tea naked in a house full of hookers who had just finished spanking his bottom!

If there was any doubt that this is a struggle for control, not really budgets, this interview should lay it to rest.

It may be admirable that Mosley wants to look after "little guys" in the sport but you don't think that today's announcement from LOLA and unknowns LITESPEED about entering F1 was a coincidence do you? The more "little guys to look after, the better the FIA can play musical chairs.


(via BBC)



  1. Priceless line about 'sipping tea' incidentally.

    But I think the problem is he is so good at playing the game that he might have lost sight of the objective of the game.

    Or to put it another way, he has so much fun winning the battles he doesn't want the war to end.

    The on track sport (new winners, uncertainty, safety, speed and daring, divercity, overtaking, differing strategies) seems so close to perfect right now, or the last couple of seasons being bloody fantastic however you choose to look at them, it seems mind boggling that the enlarged, antiquated egos of a couple of old blokes who should know better, are undermining the passionate fans enjoyment of the real competition, between drivers, designers, engineers and strategists.

    Oh well, roll on Monaco. Can't wait.


  2. The emperor has no clothes.


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