May 24, 2009

Monaco GP Live

All about the first turn... this feed is not especially of good quality but better than nothing!

Broadcast is now over.... tune in later for hi-lights

Watch live video from ferrari channel on
access code=baby22


  1. Hey whaddya know, the most boring race of the year was....the most boring race of the year.
    I don't know why I watch it every year expecting lots of overtaking and track action, all I ever get is commentators and drivers falling all over each other about how it's such a fantastic spectacle, how it's so unique, how nothing compares, bla bla bla.

    Drop the street circuits please, they're exciting for Bernie Eccelstone, bloggers and fanboys only. Everyone who likes actual racing loathes them.

  2. I went to sleep about half way through.

  3. I turned on the race the remaining streaming video of the 24 Hours of Nurburgring - which provided much more entertainment than another Brawn win on the narrowest track of the season on which they had pole position.

  4. Sorry, turned on the race then watched the remainder of the 24 Hours of 'Ring


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