May 23, 2009

Nürburgring 24hr Rennen live feed

The Woodstock of german motorsport, the Nürburgring 24 hr Race is over, It was Porsche over Audi over Porsche for the overall win.
Here are some clips of the action. More info and clips after the jump.

Fantastic shots of the Manthay Porsche leaving trials of sparks as it bottoms out on the long straight!

I will post links to video feeds as I find them.

If the above is down you can check on

Scuderia Asino Grigio

GPS data very cool...busy server have patience.

Audi TV (not working for me)

DSF-TV will broadcast some 16 hrs live, the feed is in German. Go HERE and navigate to the "MOTOR" window (on the left).

As a bonus, while you wait you can see some video Of Herr Schumecher riding a superbike on the Nürburgring GP track in a recent test. The expression of his wife sitting in the pit while he gets ready is, as they say, priceless.

Also you might check out the Porsche vs GT-R documentary...

The official 24hr Rennen web site for timeing and scoring is HERE

And, after the jump, a whole bunch of video clips for you...
Have fun!

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  1. Also it looks like Audi might have a feed as well?

  2. Oops, here is one from audis site that was linked.

  3. Also I cant find were on the DSF site to find the feed.

  4. Click on the linke under "JP" above. It works for me, but I think my DSL is to slow to keep up with it.

    ALso that guys feed is down now on justinTV. I think its because the DSF stopped doing broadcasting of the race.


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