May 25, 2009

Monaco GP: snooze by the sea

Unless it happens to rain, that's the way it is every year.

I'll cut to the chase:


Brawn, Button, Ferrari, Bourdais, Fisichella


Vettel, Barrichello, Hamilton, Nakajima, Mclaren, Toyota, BMW. Viewers.

More interesting is what happened after the GP when teams demanded the FIA drop the 2010 regulation completely!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Rosberg & Webber should also be credited for doing well. The biggest laugh was Nakajima, two laps, come on!

  2. lol I thought of Austin Powers as well when they played his radio transmission at the end of the race.

    Rubins did do consistantly faster laps then Button the entire race, but just bairly. With the exception of the first stint when his tires grained obviously. Webber also had a great race to end up were he did.

    And yes, Monaco sucks. Other then a shit-ton of D-Cups and great looking bodys the race sucks.

  3. I love how after multiple blatant chicane clippings, Ferrari gets the benefit of a friendly warning from the FIA.
    Hamilton does it once and gets his win and two grid spaces taken away.
    Ferrari International Assistance doing what it does best!

  4. Thanx for your comments Rich. There's allways a smartass saying something stupid in every post, in every blog, in every forum.

  5. I lol'd @ the rocky quote from Lewis as well when I read it earlier. That guy really does view himself as a living legend in everything he does. It reminds me of when he compared himself to Bruce Lee because he took a couple of intro karate classes *facepalm*


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