April 28, 2009

O.P.T.: a tracktard tip

After two days at Summit Point my brand new Kumho v710 looked like what you see at the bottom of the above picture. A heat gun, a good quality spatula and about a half hour later, I removed 2.5lbs (1.4kg) of Other People's Tires from mine. I think this will become part of my track routine.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Your wife allows you to own a heat gun??


  2. Id like to borrow that rubber to add to my cording BFG R1s please...

  3. I posted a video of me removing Summit Point rubber from my BFG R1s on Vimeo using a propane torch and putty knife.

    My friends fell asleep watching it.

    So much for going into the instructional video business.

  4. Yeah well...it's not exactly riveting TV material..:o)

  5. Only a tard would... all of the pickup rubber will fall off in less than one hot lap. a complete waste of time unless planned use precludes a warmup lap (set to be used during an enduro, etc).


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