April 16, 2009

No KERS for Ferrari in China

Not a bad move considering the "green" device probably emitted more toxic chemicals into the atmosphere in Malaysia that the two Ferraris did out of their tailpipes!

(clip starts weird but then it's OK...have faith! ;)
And here is the rest of it.


  1. Ya know even though he seems uninterested half the time and he's kind of an an asshole, you have to admit Kimi's a badass.
    Most people would pull over immediately if there was toxic KERS smoke pouring into their helmet, not Kimi. He drives it all the way back to the pits. Hops out. Looks back at the car like "yep, totally on fire inside- ICE CREAM TIME!!" and dips off.

  2. "Do we hit it with the fire bottle?"
    "I don't know. You go first".
    "I'm not hitting it 'till I see flames".
    "Hey, isn't someone gonna put out this fire?"


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