April 16, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto...

Toto Wolff's fast, 7:03.28 fast! Two days ago, he had just completed that record lap onboard a 997 RSR and going for a second, as he hits the Fuchsroehre compression his rear right outside tire explodes. He's fine, the car, probably less so.

If you've driven the 'Ring you should be able to create a vivid mental picture of what losing a tire on that particular corner might mean for your underwear.

For another spectacular rear tire failure clip, don't miss this old classic from 2006 : "Ich bin abgeflogen!"

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Scary....
    Its clear that not only the driver's body suffers through the Foxhole. I always feel an inch shorter after going through there. Big stress on the car too...
    The good thing is this video gives me one more excuse not to flat out through it in a fast car!

  2. Awesome stuff before the failure. Cool how the camera continues to function pretty well.

    Any pics of external damage? Looks like he looped it a couple of times.

  3. I want my window net to be integrated into the door like that... looks a lot safer for egress.


  4. Why does the film cut from the exterior shot right at the crucial moment?

  5. Considering his speed and the violence of the accident he took it like a champ, unbuckled and stepped out at a leisurely pace.

    CG - what part of the track is Foxhole? I thought Flugplatz was where the worst compression was and where you always see 911's lift and then spin off track.

  6. The Foxhole is the bottom of the downhill after Aremberg and before Adenauer Forst.

    It is almost impossible to spin at the foxhole because the car is smashed into the ground by g forces..... of course if your tires blows....


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