April 15, 2009


I got you now....you'll never guess! (yeah right, there is actually a huge identifying clue)

UPDATE: The car in the picture was the first car ever to sport a form of Active Steering, two turns lock to lock with continuously variable assistance. Technology at the time did not allow for an actual variable steering rack ratio but the designers did simulate this by changing the amount of assist based on speed.

The steering rack also had a hydraulic self centering system which in turn allowed for the front suspension to have zero caster. That meant there would be no camber change as you turned the wheel. It had self leveling, anti dive suspension and six swiveling headlights. Self adjusting front to rear brake pressure and a mid-front engine design.

The big Identifying feature I alluded to is the shifter which rather than being a traditional "boot" is a beautifully sculpted aluminum piece, perhaps one of the inspirations for BMW's recent rethinking of what an automatic's gear lever can be?
The car is ...

The car is as you have guessed the remarcable Citroen SM. Want to learn more? START HERE

Photos by "God Made Me Funky"




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  2. shit... now this will really need some thought... but its a brittish car right?

  3. Looks kind of like a Lambo miura with the wide transmission tunnel and the reclined seats, but the gear shift isn't gated.

  4. Well, I could add that it's a front-mid engine layout but that will only make it harder to guess....I think.

  5. It looks 70's, and appears to be a black Coupe/Sedan from the reflection of the front mirror. I think the transmission boot will be the clue to figuring this one out.

  6. C'est Citroen SM, little does anybody know, it was a Rally Car at one point too:

    Although I'm sure it went in Reverse faster than forward and gave up a lot ;)

    Brad C

  7. I am quite late to this post but I recognized it as an SM immediately by the seats. Very distinctive seats.

  8. Variable Steering Assist is not the same as Active Steering though. I always liked the former, but the latter almost makes me return my car. BMW, how can you market this as a sports/performance feature? :-(


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