April 5, 2009

Hamilton-Mclaren Penalty Explained.

If you are waiting for the Malaysian GP to start but are still confused about what the penalty to Lewis Hamilton after the Australian race was all about, take a look at this portion of the BBC's qualifying show.

While over the top dramatic, it does explain what happened very clearly. Journalists really don't mince words and commentary by David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan are very useful. Thirteen minutes well spent.

This was the first full BBC broadcast of a race I saw and I must say they do a super job. Having someone like Coulthard really adds the kind of extra dimension only a recently retired racer can bring to a show. I loved when he asked Stefano Domenicali: "...when he was my team mate, Kimi was the laziest driver you ever saw...how do you deal with that at Ferrari?..." Priceless.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Where did you see the BBC's broadcast of the race? Isn't it only broadcast in the UK?

  2. I didnt think DCs comment about Kimi being lazy was priceless. Smelt like sour grapes to me. If he was so lazy and still beat you - what does that make you DC? Moron.

  3. AC had previously posted a video during the winter with Kimi at the Ferrari plant and he seemed really un-enthused with being there and if I recall brushing off Ferrari techs during the interview. There is clearly animosity between Kimi & Ferrari too.


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