April 5, 2009

Malaysian GP Executive Summary

Whatever you may say about how the cars look, there is no doubt that between the funky wings, the tires and the KERS, there is a lot more overtaking in Formula 1 this year. The start and the first lap were fantastic and there were many exciting battle on track, while it lasted anyway.

The Malaysian GP was cut off early because of rain but also because since as the race had a 5pm local time start in order to accommodate european television audiences, it simply became too dark to race.

Once again the "diffuser" cars were the class of the field with Heidfeld coming in second solely based on strategy and the luck of the draw.

Throwing the dice did not pay off at all for Ferrari who made a wild gamble running Raikkonen on full wets when the track was not yet even wet. If the downpour had come that lap, Ferrari's crew would have been heroes, but it was not to be. Last Year Ross Brawn said you have to race for the condition you have, not the ones you think you may get. Simple, effective.

Jenson Button was again flawless, a performance more impressive considering nobody had yet driven the Brawns in the wet..ever!

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  1. The only reason why KERS has any effect on producing more overtaking is because only a few teams have it. If everyone had KERS then everyone would be equal and just pressing the button at the same time or it would equal out during the lap.

    I say leave the rule for 2010 onward the KERS is optional, but not mandatory. For some drivers its simply to big of a disadvantage for them to run it, even with an upgrade in power it probably wont be enough to offset.

  2. I agree, leave more options open.

  3. Another great video, keep them coming

  4. Has anyone else heard about Toyotas diffuser? I cant admit to being fully up to speed on the issue even though i have tried...! Previous to KL, the speculation was that Brawn, Toyota and Williams were running "Double Diffusers" which went some way to explaining the performance differnce. Now on Sunday, Martin Brundle on his BBC Pitwalk mentioned they now suspect Toyota have a Triple (!!!!!) Diffuser, and the Toyota mechanics were must unimpressed at MB's insistance on getting any angle for a shot at it, very funny. So can anyone expand on that?

  5. WTF happened to Kovalainen? His rear end just flew away? :P It's really shows how bad grid the McLaren have...


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