March 5, 2009

Tracktard alert: Special VIR track day

From our friends at Group 52:

"If you've been participating in "run group" formats at Drivers Education and Club events, and you're wondering what comes next.............we have a suggestion.

David Murry Track Days is a forum for experienced drivers to explore the limits of their skill and equipment at some of the most famous race tracks in the United States.

"As the 2009 track season gets underway, I'm pleased to announce the inaugural David Murry Track Days event at Virginia International Raceway this October 20-21. This event will be pure "open track" format, with participation limited to very experienced drivers, club racers and instructors. There will be no run groups, no students and very limited attendance. We'll offer approximately seven hours of open track each day. I will begin each event day with a dynamic, interactive classroom session, tailored specifically to the track that we're visiting. I will be on hand throughout the event to answer questions, offer advice, etc.".
---David Murry

For more information and to register go to

About David Murry Track Days

If you're a club instructor, racer or current open track participant (with verifiable credentials) we're pleased to invite you to participate in a David Murry Track Days event.

With the on-site participation of sportscar legend David Murry, we offer dynamic, interactive classroom presentations, available personal coaching with current professional racers and the unparalleled opportunity to experience world -class racing venues in a true "open track" format.

Each event day will begin with a formal instructional session, hosted by David. These sessions will incorporate professional video, data and static (PowerPoint) elements and will be specific to the race track we're visiting. Once the track goes green after the morning session, David will be available throughout the day to answer questions and offer setup suggestions and driving tips to help you find that "extra tenth" that you've been chasing.

Working together with an experienced team, David's principal objective is to ensure that all participants enjoy the event in a safe and controlled environment without unnecessary intrusion or regulation, but with the underlying knowledge that inappropriate driving or behavior will not be permitted.

David Murry Track Days events are run with an open pit lane enabling unrestricted access to the track. Access will remain unrestricted and the pit lane will remain open for the duration of each event day. Participants are simply requested to respect the "rules" and their fellow drivers.

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