March 7, 2009

Brawn GP lands major sponsorship: Axis exclusive!

We were troubled to see Brawn GP, using Honda money to buy Mercedes engines to power a car designed by a team who, according to published reports, exists primarily because it would be more expensive to shut down than to keep open, debut sporting the colors of the Republic of San Marcos from the movie Bananas.

Axis loves Ross Brawn so we though we might help out the big guy by dispatched our crack marketing team after some proper sponsorship money so that the car may look presentable in Melbourne.

Details after the jump

The synergistic possibilities between Brawn GP F1 and the Brawny Paper towel company are too numerous to list, especially once Jenson becomes the new face of the Brawny Academy.

On a side note Rubens Barrichello has already threatened to quit when he was featured on mock ups for the lesser know, rugged Brawny bathroom product line. "I know Schumacher was behind this fiasco" he told a Brazilian blogger "When I said I was on a roll , he could not resist the temptation and used his powers to once again prevent me from winning!"



  1. I hope to see Team Brawny wiping the floors with the competition...or wiping floors for competition, either would be better than the Honda team we've seen in the last few seasons.

  2. How about a Brawndo sponsorship? Idiocracy, anyone???

    It's got what plants want! It's got electrolytes! Brawn GP!

  3. What are electrolytes? Is what plants crave!

  4. Sadly, this would probably fly as an IRL sponsor...

  5. Don;t give up your day job kid.

  6. Hey, c'mon, I thought it was a pretty good effort on my part! :o)


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