March 9, 2009

As the Roundel Turns: Efficient Dynamics

Apparently BMW's efficiency does not stop at clever ways to save gas. Not that BMW controls German courts but the resolution to the sordid "Lady BMW" blackmail story was so rapid it could have been engineered by the famous "M" division.

You may recall that Susanne Klatten, one if the heir to the BMW fortune and the richest woman in Germany, had become embroiled in a seedy blackmail plot (read the details from a previous post HERE).

Today after a 4 hour trial, the main suspect, the improbably named gigolo, Helg Sgarbi was condemned to six years in jail for his part in the plot. But what Herr Sgarbi did not reveal is what happened to the money, some 9.3 Million Euros or what happened to the videos or his relationship to the claimed mastermind of the whole operation, Italian Ernano Beretta who with a gang made up of family member and using Sgarbi as the bait, specialized in luring wealthy German ladies to conveniently pre-wired hotel rooms.

Klatten was not in court and Sgabi apologized but did not have the nerve to bring up his previously stated justification that the plot hatched to avenge Nazi era slave labor.... guess that one did not pan out too well!


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