March 5, 2009

Lewis Hamilton still quite "popular" with Spanish fans

Listen to them "cheer"......

Hamilton has had a bad run at the Jerez test, braking an engine and later crashing the car.

Meanwhile it's quite a frenzy because of Alonso's fastest time and "Pa" Schumi dropped in on the Ferrari pits....



  1. Spanish fans have absolutely ZERO class!

  2. Hamilton has ZERO skill

  3. Hahaha....I see nothing's changed out there! :o)

  4. Sounded like a NASCAR crowd at Talladega when Gordon blows up or hits the wall (yeah -really - 190mph crash...big cheer).

    man - imagine how bad the rest of the F1 grid is. All those cheating aids on that mclaren thatlet a guy with no skill totally fluke the champ one year, and lose by 1pt the other. No wonder us Americans like something *legit* like NASCAR. ;)

  5. ¿Why can't we get hot women F1 reporters like they have in EspaƱa?


    The dreams of one Gallego...


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