March 4, 2009

Ferrari aiming at Nürburgring lap record?

It's not fully clear in this edited video of Ferrari's press conference at the Geneva auto show, but it certainly sounds like the man said the mission of the latest Maranello offerings is to be fastest around the Nürburgring.

This would represent a huge change as Ferrari has historically dismissed the German track for development and testing and only published Fiorano times. However with the 'Ring lap time having become the defacto global benchmark discussed on every enthusiast online forum on the planet, this os obviously changing. You might remember one Michel Schumacher testing first a 599 in 2007 and later getting down and dirty with a 430 Scuderia in 2008.

And now what appears to be the intention of going head to head on the Green Hell with Porsche, Zonda, GM and especially after all the publicity they garnered, Nissan. Call this the GT-R effect, one which you'll also see reflected in the advanced electronics incorporated in the 599XX but especially in the upcoming F430 replacement which is said to sport the most advanced electronic systems even incorporated in a road car.

Ferrari is rumored to aggressively galloping where no prancing horse has before, going after the very successful Bentley GT for example. Apparently a very large percentage of 612 Scaglietti owners likes to go skiing and dislikes getting stuck.

Pass the popcorn!



  1. hello what is the car in your banner please ?

    Mr anti radar

  2. wait, Axis readers can pick out a Miura from the angle of the rear spoiler but don't recognize an F1 GTR???? for shame!!! :o)


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