February 16, 2009

White Menace.

Cool demo clip by Salt Lake City production company Vita Brevis Films. For techie photographers, it was filmed with a Red One camera @ 4k using Zeiss super speed primes.  You might want to check it out in HD on the Vimeo page.

A friend was telling me recently how he had a chance to drive a manual big 6 and what a fantastic hooligan tool it is.  Coincidentally BMW has somewhere on their web site a great clip of an M6 lighting up tires in best wagnerian dorifto fashion.

Side note: thank you for all the pictures you sent in, I was away for the week end and my mailbox filled over quota, if you sent a picture and do not see it on the Axis Reader Riders Flickr set, please, send it again!

Axis Reader Rides on Flickr


  1. 4000 lines of resolution @ 30 fps!?!! No wonder they need 2 drives in RAID 0 to even keep up with the amount of data generated. Is there even a device available on the market that will display 4000 lines in progressive mode? I suspect the price of pro Zeis primes doesn't even register compared to the rest of the gear...

    Oh yeah, this is a car blog! :) I really like the looks of the current 6 series when done with nice big wheels, the only one of the 'Bangle flame-job' designs that really does something for me (in this case an M6 makes me think of a 'shark on wheels')

  2. Haha... well, I see Red a something lie the Imaging equivalent of Zonda mixed with Tesla. That Scarlet idea is sexy as hell. Have you seen what a still frame looks like? 24 of those a sec... It's just insane. Love it.


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