February 13, 2009

World Record Drift: 2 Hours, 29 Minutes, 27 Seconds!

Uwe Nittel Drifting World record

Uwe Nittel said his hands and feet were falling asleep at times during his five hours going around in circles.

Five hours? That's right, a first attempt ended just shy of the record when sensors failed on his Mitsubishi Evo X. Not one to be denied, Nittel jumped back into the car once it was fixed and went back out for the record on a new set of Kumhos.
45.63 km sideways later, Uwe did admit being a tad queasy but presumably, happy.

The record was achieved on an irrigated skid pad at the Sachsenring, Germany.

(sport Auto thanks to la capra andreadebi!)
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Uwe Nittel Drifting World recordUwe Nittel Drifting World recordUwe Nittel Drifting World record

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  1. I don't consider it legit if the entire skid pad was soak the whole time. I came to this article thinking someone had made a set of tires last 2 and a half hours, but needless to say, I'm completely disappointed...

  2. Damn...you guys are hard to please. You truly want the impossible! :o)

    Maybe with a set of tractor tires you could drift for longer than 10 minutes straight.

  3. Vaugn Gittin did 2km in the dry before his tyres started to fall apart. Still, I think the dry and wet records should be classed separately... The wet record is still an amazing achievement!



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