February 23, 2009

Axis style socialism

Recently Axis proposed following Portugal's lead and spending public money to create fantastic world class racing facilities (read about it HERE).   Hey, why not, better than new bridges to nowhere, right? 

In Argentina they are way, way ahead. The Circuito Potrero de los Funes was financed as a public work by the government. Of course it did not hurt that ex Formula 1 driver Carlos Reutemann was a provincial governor and is now running for president of the country.

Write your congressmen now!
(thanks CG)



  1. I propose a fact finding mission to Circuito Potrero de los Funes, so that we can better understand how they stimulated the economy.

    Just want to know how we can bring our cars.

    Beautiful track!

  2. Spoken like a true politician Hounder! I love that idea!


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