February 23, 2009

The BMW M3 really does go 200 mph!

Indicated anyway...  The car everyone loves to hate shows a healthy disregard for its 155mph limiter.   328km/h=203.8mph.

("professional driver on a closed course"... of course!)

oldie but goodie....


  1. 200mph.... down hill? lol

    very surprised, i didnt think it would be able to hit 200 but cool

  2. Wow... I guess the limiter was removed on this car? Is it that all cars produced in Germany are limited at 155MPH, or is it only the ones sold for the German market?

    200 is quick but my E46 does 250 :-)

  3. hmm.. the new 135i with the limiter removed is good for 182mph..

  4. ive personally taken the 135 to roughly 175, and we got 203 out of the sedan m3 e92.(eastcoast


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