January 1, 2009


Ok,  we did not want to single out the French, Japanese announcers get pretty excited with their motorsport too.  Here is a compilation featuring some of the epic Senna vs Prost battles narrated with with distinctive JDM flair!

Quite amazing,  Senna must have blocked Prost-o more times in one season than Schumacher did all of his opponents during his whole career. 

And Nick Heidfeld, who voiced his worries about accidents due to the new wide, flat front wings the 2009 cars will sport, might want to take a look at how close it's possible to race without crashing....or, as in the case of the 1990 Japanese GP, how you could put those wide wings to use by tossing your opponent into the weeds.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Ah the days when drivers actually raced one another with stout attachments, emotion and a passion to win.

    These drivers make modern f1 look like a HPDE.

  2. I don't think Nick is worried about running into other people with his car (he certainly doesn't have a history of that), I think he is worried about other people running into him! Potential candidates: Rubino (if he's still there), Massa, Hamilton, Coulthard (though retired, he still poses a threat), etc.



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