January 1, 2009

A Star named Senna

While on the subject of Senna and Prost, here is a documentary I had not seen before. Very nice interviews, in true Axis of Oversteer style, in at least three languages!
Fascinating the comments about concentration and the zen like state of mind Senna was able to achieve especially during qualifying.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did but take your time, it's almost one hour long.



  1. "...he actually beleived that he had a God-given right to win."



  2. I think that was part of that clip from the FIA Gala that implied that same right is now Hamilton's...

    That Mclaren in the Marlboro livery, it really looked fantastic, what a great car. ONe of the best looking ever along with the 1990 Ferrari

  3. Well, after watching this I realized how little Hamilton had in common with Senna. Maybe when Hamilton has more than one championship under his belt and has moved away from McLaren and still had success will I give him credit.

  4. What an excellent documentary. I particularly enjoyed Prost's commentaries.

    Even if Schumacher has got most of Senna's records, he is still number one in my mind.

  5. DANG IT...what happened to the video? More Vimeo issues?

    I get a neat little graphic with 3 people on a mountain side with snow showing on a tv with a statement that says the video no longer exists.

  6. nevermind...my issue. Got it know.

  7. Impressive.
    That's the word that I can find to describe this bloke.
    Brilliant soul and the best driver we ever had.

    Could Lewis Hamilton learn anything from his idol instead moving to a tax free country? Am....er....

    Voce deixou saudades Senna.


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