December 1, 2008

Politically Incorrect Commercial Film Festival

Unconstrained by an easily offended public, car companies have commissioned all manner of creative work for markets outside the US.   From Nissan's artistic stuntman Joe Zakopane to Maserati's mysterious soft core to Peugeot's humping bugs these are some of funniest and most bizarre clips you will never see on your American TV.

We'll start with Poland's most famous stuntman, you'll find the rest after the jump.


  1. The Nissan.. whatever, it's not a commercial anyway, was not intended for Polish market. Nobody would put a commercial with a hero carrying an odd name "Joe Zakopane" - it's an impossible combination here in Poland.
    Furthermore, it has never been aired in Poland. And it won't, anyway - since it will be found offending.

    Oh, and besides - it's very poorly translated. The readers will be missing most of the jokes ("it's a trophy I won for unchaining myself WITH a key", for example).

  2. that Nissan Quosquai ad I'm guessing was for the UK market. I'm glad I picked actual offensive ads ! :o)


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