November 18, 2008

We do sideways here

Let's ride along for a lap of the "Circuito Enzo e Dino Ferrari" in Imola, Italy in Zampa's tail happy Porsche 996 GT3.

Our friend does a great job carrying speed though the many left-right chicanes. For sure he would be severely reprimanded at Porsche Club of America's track days where our own CG was once sternly scolded by a PCA official with a "we don't do sideways here" warning!

Zampa tell us he was on Michelin Pilot Sport Cups that day. Tomorrow we will show you a lap on the same track but with a 997 GT2. It will be a good illustration of what about 200 extra horsepower can accomplish.

For now enjoy this ride on this fantastic track, as you will see Zampa is quite comfortable with high speed oversteer.

The data system he is using is from RaceChrono a system which uses a GPS enabled smartphone and the overlay done with RaceChrono2AVI which Zampa describes as "the poor man's Trackvision"!

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  1. That was a great video to watch. Looking forward to seeing the difference between this and a 997.

    Axis...over the weekend I got some of my own track action. While going through a turn in my kart at 80mph I caught a tire barrier and was ejected from the kart. I did a back flip and landed on my head. Thankfully I am ok.

    About $1,000 USD of damage means I'm out of competition. Was planning on hosting some video of the kart for you guys too! :-(

    This means that by the time I'm back I should have some kind of camera sorted out for in race video of my kart! Unfortunately this means Feb. to March of next year 2009. :-( :-(

    I will be running a spec class with 7-8 other people. Maybe I will set up a blog to follow my season.

    Is your blog made with blogspot, is it free?

    - Chris Hurst
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

  2. phew, some ugly driving right here. someone give this guy a saw!

  3. haha that always comes up with track videos. We covered this back in 2007, Check out this post DE Smooth vs Race Smooth

    I guess that it you have to chop wood you got to swing the axe! :)

  4. The driver in the video doesn't suck.

    In one point if you notice he gets the back end to come out under braking, catches it and then powers through the turn.

    He's not bad at all. Me thinks someone above doesn't know how to drive a car a little bit over the limit...

    -Chris H.

  5. Actually, the comment about giving the guy a saw is from my friend, and he does drive for a race team and has many kart wins so to each his own. We could go on and on about this, and we do because it's fun and it distracts us from work. So let's keep going!


  6. Chris- what spec are you racing, and what tracks are near T.O.?



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