November 19, 2008

Now let's add two turbos to that: Porsche GT2 track video.

You have enjoyed Zampa's Porsche 996 GT3 video below, now let's switch to the next generation of flattened VW Beetle, the 997.

Same track, Imola and we ride this time with Manuma in his Porsche 997 GT2. This is the same car our own CG has and aside from massively more power, the 997 has a better suspension setup (stock) and is easier to drive at the limit than the 996.

We are not sure what if any modifications this GT2 has or if it's been aligned any particular way, we do know it is wearing Pirelli Corsa.

The GT2 is a massive 7 to 8 seconds faster on this track than the 996 GT3 and it does it with a lot less drama. Most of the advantage comes on the straights with the big turbo just destroying the GT3 on the uphill sections. If you are familiar with the corners at Imola, the 996 can just about hang to Tosa but on the run up to Piratella and later from Acque Minerali to the Variante Alta...well it's all over, ciao!

The 997 seems to be more balanced mid corner with possibly a touch of understeer.

In the video below I have combined the two laps. After the jump, you can see the original GT2 video, three laps of which the first is the fastest and well, it gets more sideways and hooliganistic from there. Again, nice car control from our Italian tracktard friends!

Tomorrow we switch to a red car on the same track...


  1. The GT3 lap is a bit on the exuberant side of driving and he is indeed loosing some acceleration time in a couple of exits from 1-2 corners (where you can clearly see speed is not increasing while he is holding the power slide). Also, it doesn't look that grip conditions were the same both days. The 996 is a not as well balanced as the 997 but the 6 GT3 is not a handful when well setup.

    Clean vs. clean lap I would say the difference should be more around 4-6 secs in a 2min lap.

    Great lap in the GT2. No big drama doesn't necessarily mean easy to do. He nails very well the braking areas for a car carrying so much speed. Something to be said about being used to a 800hp+ FXX. The GT2 must feel slow and sedate!!

  2. Hello!
    Great site!
    In the GT2 there were 2 people instaed of one of the gt3 and the gt3 had sportcups and the gt2 corsas.
    The gt2 was 4 sec faster of Zampa, in his video 6 because his best lap wasn't record by his camera.
    Both videos were made the same day, Zampa's one hour later than mine.

    Instaed in Rijeka, same tyres and same passenger me and alone him, he was 1.43.4 and I was 1.43.8.


  3. Manuma, how much camber are you using in the front of the GT2?
    Are you using the 19" Corsas that come with the car, or differen size up front?

  4. In rijeka we had the same tyres of Imola not the same model in both cars.

    I have pzero còrsa competition not system, here in Italy Porsche deliver the car with pzero còrsa system because the competition ls too much slick for normal use.

    My car has 2.7 / 2.8 camber in front and rear, and some caster but I don't know how much. With caster when you accelerate in bends it turn your car. I think it's a fabolous car. A friend or mine worked a lot on his gt2 sospension changing parts and spending a lot money, I am curios to drive it to see the differences.

  5. Manuma is clearly a smoother driver than Zampa. Switch the drivers and you'd see the GT3 turn faster laptimes....

  6. Oh I don't think it's as clear as that. For one thing the GT2 makes up huge amounts of room on all the power sections.

  7. in every track in italy with 997 gt3 and 997 gt2 with same tyres, the gt2 la faster btw 0.2 sec or 2sec faster. In Monza that you need engine there are 4 sec of difference. All result are from italian porsche club races. Zampa has a 996 gt3 mk1 so it can't be faster.
    Also because I don't know If I am faster than him

  8. AC, agree, but as Manuma said that wasn't Zampa's better lap. I'm sure the fastest one (just 4 secs slower as predicted... ahemmmm!) should look a lot cleaner.

    Now, I need a GT3 loaner to do the same tests around here! Any takers?

  9. AC, great work overlying the 996 GT3 and 997 GT2 videos.

    The Corsa Competition is as fast as the track-spec MPSC. Both of these tires are faster than the Porsche OEM MPSC and the Corsa System.

    The time difference between stock equipped 1999 GT3 and 2008 GT2 should be around 2.5 secs, 2.2 secs between the 2004 GT3 and 2008 GT2 and 1.8 secs between the 2008 GT3/GT3 RS and 2008 GT2. This is based on a 60 secs course, using data from multiple track tests that I have been gathering.

    On real MPSC (not the OEM garbage) CG's car should be running 4 seconds faster than a 997 GT3 on the same tires at Watkins Glen, and 2 secs faster around Pocono. Both cars on PCCB and sport seats (not the American ballast sunroof and comfort seats).

    Great driving by Manuma and Zampa.

  10. Brilliant discussion; thanks to all.



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