November 19, 2008

Enzo Shake and Bake

A classic in fabulously dooshy driving, again from out tracktad friend Manuma. Out of the Porsche GT2 and into an Enzo Ferrari, that's how my track days go my dreams anyway.

So once again, same track (Imola) and a couple of hugely entertaining laps along what may have been a worried passenger. "Everything OK? please don't barf in the Enzo". Manuma commeted on his video below, maybe he'll chip in and tell us if there was any clean up involved.

By the way, that's a 400 km/h speedometer on the Enzo and it looks like he's reaching something like 260 km/h at the end of the front straight, that's 161mph....nice!

Listen to how squeaky and rattly the Enzo is, I kind of like that about it.

Video after the jump

And here is the rest of it.


  1. "Listen to how squeaky and rattly the Enzo is, I kind of like that about it"

    yeah its just like my Peuegot.......

  2. hey, my left rear shock makes the same sound....I feel much better about it being blown now :o)

  3. why dont i get to have this much fun? again, well done!

  4. Neat-o to see someone with a super-high comfort level with this car. Heh, the M3 DCT shifts better... I think it's time for Ferrari to go twin-clutch.


  5. is this the same crappy driver? His line is about as squiggly Charlie and the Purple Crayon.


  6. Careful with that axe Eugene, he's driving the "high entertainment value" line.
    However you can get an idea of the speed by how much the car moves around on that first bumpy braking area.

    I would venture to say Manuma has more fun (and spends more on tires) than 98.7% of Enzo owners


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