November 17, 2008

Bickering Barrichello: when #2s attack!

"The public does not know the half of what happened to me at Ferrari" declared possible retiree Honda driver Rubens Barrichello at a recent gala event in San Paolo, Brazil. " Perhaps one day, when the time is right they might read the truth in a book."

Barrichello always complained behind the scene about getting a raw deal at Maranello during the Schumacher years. But RubiƱho, who was the first Brazilian in a top team after Senna, just sounds like he resents what Massa accomplished at Ferrari this past season. Massa started the season as a clear #2 to the then World Champion Raikkonen.

Rubens has been on a roll: he also intimated Schumacher is a bad father for spending so much time away from home testing bikes and Ferraris and recently led a "Schumacher is gay" chant, drunk at a Brazilian disco while celebrating with an embarrased Felipe Massa. "The only reason I'm not world Champion is because he did not let me".

Michael Shumacher for his part has responded "You cannot make someone slower though osmosis, if he is fast, he is fast. Then he will be number one." Schumacher suspects the reason behind the attacks is a need for attention, Barrichello who is 36 and scored few points this past season wants to keep driving in Formula 1 and nobody seems to be in a big hurry to renew his contract at the moment.

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  1. I think it's quite a sad end to his career to be honest.

    Is he coming to realise that 9 wins in 6 seasons with Ferrari was actually pretty poor?

    At least Coulthard chose when to retire and seems to be doing it with a bit of class.

  2. Rubins and Massa are very similar--they're both fast #2 guys in a red car. Unfortunately for Rubins, Schumi never checked out. If anything, he should be a little pissed at the womanizing Finn for putting Massa in a near-winning position.


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