November 22, 2008

So what do you think of the Panamera?

It will certainly stand out from the competition...more details after the jump.

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It sounds fantastic even puttering along...

Robo-translation from Dutch
All details Porsche Panamera

WEISSACH -- A tight years before the first real Gran Turismo Porsche dealer in the state, and is already the first photos and technical details published. Porsche has long occupied the Panamera to the attention without actually showing the car. But Maserati competitor earlier this year has been the Quattroporte gefacelift and brings his Aston Martin sports sedan (Rapide) also the end of next year, so the Germans hope that potential buyers of their choice models that may go now reconsider after seeing the Panamera.

Actually, the first data and photographs of the new Porsche Panamera until Monday morning 'out' may come, but the German Auto, Motor & Sport has all the details prematurely, so that also Auto Telegraaf now has the freedom to the beautiful German sports limousine for them.

Unlike said the Briton, an Italian and a German vijfdeurs hatchback (Porsche says' four '), so with large, high-opening, tailgate. The line game stems from the desire to look like a coupe Panamera to show, but the convenience and comfort of a Gran Turismo to offer. The Porsche Panamera praised for its interior space and large, flexible to use luggage. If working title is the term 'Space Coupe "used. That says a lot.

Four occupants should look like a monarch can sit in, says Porsche. In the interior are four separate, fully electrically adjustable seats. Between the two front seats and between the rear console furniture is made with delivery room. If only one in his class. The Germans also see BMW 7 Series, Bentley Continental, Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class drivers namely as potential buyers. Therefore, the hatchback with 450 liters of large luggage also folded down the rear seats of handrails. By addition to the rear mounted rolhoes (in America, the car hoedenplank a strange enough) to take an extra large luggage arises of up to about 1500 liters. Several golf bags including trolleys can easily be included.

With a length of 4.97 meters, a width of 1.93 meters and height of 1.42 meters, the race car shorter and lower, but wider than all other competitors. The wheelbase of less than sport limousine weighing two tonnes is 2.92 meters. Relatively short, what good maneuverability at needed. Draft Baas Michael Mauer, the exterior appearance a real Porsche given. The oval light units are higher than the tapering bonnet and the rear wheel arches are widely expanded. The fastest variant gets angled outlet end (double either side), another bumper with 'floating' clignoteurs and a larger air intake, so we fell during the presentation at the headquarters of Porsche. The cW value of 0.29 is very low for such type of car. For additional stability at high speed, a height and in width (only Panamera Turbo) up automatically klappende / rear spoiler off.

The technology is brand new, just as the platform for excluding the Panamera is developed. Has been selected for electronic air suspension with rear axle and a differential lock. Rear is standard, but optional four available. For the drive concerns known gasoline. The V-shape built power comes from the Cayenne. In all cases, of course, with direct (DFI) injection. The basic version is called simply "Panamera" and has an atmospheric 3.6-liter V6, good for 300 hp. Porsche linking the block to a six-speed manual, but the optional in 200 milliseconds switching PDK transmission with double 'wet' link. In addition, two 4.8-liter V8 engine, the Panamera S 'and' Panamera Turbo 'successively with 400 hp and (estimated) 500 hp. The strongest variant has four ex-factory, which in the other types is available at additional cost. A V6-hybrid variant with additional electric motor between the engine and gearbox (350 hp total) follow at a later stage, while a diesel version, absolutely no''says chef Wolfgang Dürheimer development in conversation with Auto Telegraaf at the earliest (for) presentations of the Panamera.
Porsche, which in four years preferably one billion euros invested in the project, produces the Panamera in Leipzig, in the same band as the Cayenne. Like that model Volkswagen provides for the construction of the coach. The Germans are based on an annual sales of 20,000 units, of which 20% of the Panamera Turbo model. The break-even point is already at 12,000 units. If the larger question that the production, then the manufacturer to the output without additional investment to increase to more than 50,000 pieces. The cars are divided equally between the United States, Europe and Asia. The first, the S and Turbo. Later arrives the V6 version, and the Panmera Hybrid


  1. Looks like a boat, stinks like a boat, probably handles like one too.

  2. I'll be contrarian on this one. I think the Panamera HAD to look like this. The front of the car is very nice, this car will look awesome in the rear view mirror. The rear is what sets the car apart and keeps it different in the way 911s are different from all other cars, it's part of the Porsche design language (think about the 928).

    The car has a great Cx .29 and I'm guessing that dynamically it will be very good for it's class.

    Yeah, the side profile is heinous, but I really think this is the only general shape they could work with.

  3. I think it's gorgeous, and I think its presence will be good for the premium sedan business.


  4. It looks like the Cayenne and Cayman made sweet love and the Panamera was the result. I really dig the front of the car, but the rear end proves that inbreeding doesn't come without its ill side effects. IMO either go sleek like a 911 or Cayman or stubby like an M Coupe, but this in-between thing just feels awkward in pictures, especially with such a long and sleek front end.

    Looking at these pictures, I think I'd pick one over a 7-series. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person - hopefully that rear end grows on me when seen in the flesh!



  5. I think it's another sign that Porsche has lost its way.

  6. I know Porsche has to build models like the Cayenne and the Panamera to retain their independent status (even though they are now the majority equity holder of VW AG) but the profile is all wrong on this car. I'm sure dynamically it will embarass the competition, but in a visual comparison to say a CLS or the Quattroporte it is just plain ugly.

  7. porsche can't design cars...they all lot alike...and would handle like a boat....its just as ugly as the Cayenne...i hope i will never see this car ever..anyways nobody would even think of buying the car....its so ugly that it makes me want to vommit....honestly its a stupid car! whoever buys one is probably a cock.

  8. i hope porsche goes bust cause that car murdered the car industry and also the cayenne!


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